Georges River Reads | 2020 Challenge

We all know what we like to read, who our favourite authors are. This year we want you to read outside your comfort zone and discover something new. Every fortnight we post a new themed reading list and we challenge you to read from as many of the themes as you can.

A re-read of a past favourite

There are so many reasons to re-read an old favourite – for comfort or maybe because you are a little older and might be able to discover new facets in your favourite book or just because. Whatever your reason, I’ve put together a list of some my old favourites for you to enjoy.

A Book Set During the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a magical time of year – a time of giving and spending time with loved ones. One great way to spend the holidays is of course curling up with a Christmas themed book – both new reads and old favourites. Here is a selection of Christmas themed reading to get you through the Christmas season.

A book about family

I love reading about families and all the love, drama and complications that being a family is all about. I really enjoyed creating this list, the only hard part was having to stop somewhere. I’ve read and enjoyed every book on this list and I hope you like them too. 

A book of letters

We live in an age where we can communicate with each other instantly in so many ways and although that can come in handy, I still say (and I might be an old soul) there is nothing like receiving a stamped, hand written letter from a friend in the post. This week we’ve complied a selection of books of letters, both fiction and non-fiction, for you to enjoy.

Books with the word ‘murder’ in the title

Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery? Ok so some of these books only had ‘murder’ in the extended title – but I just had to include them! This week’s reading challenge is a mixed bag, including the classic whodunit ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ as well as some chilling true crime stories sure to bring out your inner sleuth!

Books Published This Year

2020 has been an intense, crazy year and adjusting to the new normal, working from and everything else has been hard for everyone. This selection of books, published this year, is a mix of new fiction as well some non-fiction books including titles to help us detox our mind and find joy at work – sounds good to me!

A Book by a Politician

There are so many books written by politicians. Whether you hate them or love them, these men and women have shaped our world in some way. We have picked a range of books by Australian politicians and politicians around the world for you to choose from.

A Book with a Season in the Title

Do you like curling up in winter with your favourite book? Or is lounging on the beach in summer with your favourite read more your thing? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Either way, here is a selection of books with a season in the title for you to enjoy.

A Picture Book

Remember how your favourite picture books let you escape into another world as a child? I remember diving into the pictures and joining the ride with my favourite characters. Why not try something different and pick up your favourite picture book to read as an adult, or even try a new one that you’ve never read before? Pictures speak louder than words and this is definitely true when it comes to picture books! Here are a few you may like to try.

A Book Set in the Future

2020 is just a bit much so we’re heading into the future this fortnight. We have put together a list of diverse titles for you to choose from ranging from award winning Chinese Sci-fi to YA dystopia, steam punk and thought-provoking Cli-fi. This is only a taste of what’s available in our collection. Click on a book cover that gets your attention and you can reserve the book directly form the library catalogue or find an eBook version to read or listen to instead. We would love to hear about what you are reading so feel free to send us a review or star rating

A Book on the HSC Reading List

There’s an interesting mix of old and modern classics here. Some you may have read when you were at school. Maybe you want to revisit an old favourite without the pressure of writing essays about it or just dip in to something you might not have picked off the shelf otherwise.

A Book by an Indigenous author

With so many great titles by Indigenous authors in Australia, it was hard to create a shortlist but we have picked a range for you to choose from including some Scifi, autobiography, poetry, YA fiction and non-fiction. Dive in and explore this rich collection and let us know what you thought about any books you choose.

A book written by an LGBTQIA+ author

There is a world of fabulous books written by LGBTIQ authors that offer an important “own voice” perspective on stories, characters, events and achievements. This is just a taster to help you colour your reading rainbow during Pride Month.

A book with a question in the title

This was a tricky one. If it doesn’t have a question mark in the title, is it a question? Some of these might sit in that grey area. Can you think of any other books with a question in the title?

A Book with an animal on the cover

Birds, butterflies, cats and more. We have put together a list of books with all sorts of creatures on the covers. Which one will you choose?

A Graphic Novel

There’s more to Graphic Novels than superheroes. Try one of these digital novels and see for yourself.

A Book Set During a War

Whether it’s a war time romance, historical fiction or sci-fi, there’s plenty of books set during a war to tempt all sorts of literary tastebuds.

We would love to hear about what you are read for the challenge and whether you liked, loved or hated it!