100 Diaries. 100 Days.

What is the 100 diaries project?

From Samuel Pepys to Anne Frank, personal diaries give us valuable insight into the lives of past generations and paint vivid portraits of their authors. Keeping a diary, journal or sketchbook can also bring clarity to our own thoughts and help us to position ourselves within our own historical moment. As librarians we believe that individual stories and creativity are important, they are a marker of our culture and a document of the times in which we are living. With the 100 diaries project, we want to create a collection of notebooks which document these strange times and we want you to be the author!


Complete the registration form and you will receive a notebook along with a prepaid envelope in the post.


Fill your notebook with diary entries, drawings, photographs, or whatever form you want to use to record your life.


Send your completed notebook back to us using the supplied envelope before the due date.

In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could do to any person; I create myself.”

Susan Sontag

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Project deadline


Who can participate?

Anyone living, working or studying in the Georges River Council area. You do not need to be a Georges River Libraries member to participate in this project.

What will happen with my notebook?

We will retain your notebook as part of the Georges River Libraries collection so that future generations can access it to gain an insight into the lives of people at this moment in time. The notebook may also be digitised and reproduced in part or full for preservation and exhibition purposes.

Who will own copyright?

You will retain copyright for the work. By participating in the project, you will also grant Georges River Libraries license to retain, preserve and produce copies of the work for preservation, research and exhibition purposes. We will always cite you (using your pen name) as the creator of the work.

What personal information will you publish?

The catalogue record for your notebook will include your pen name, postcode and the month that you submitted the notebook. No other personal details will be published.

How long will it take to receive my notebook?

Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your notebook.

What size is the notebook?

The notebook is 56 pages plus a cardboard cover. Dimensions are 155mm x 88mm.

Can I attach things to the notebook?

You can decorate the notebook in whatever way you like, including creating pages that fold-out, however it must be able to fold back to the original dimensions (155mm x 88mm). This will ensure that we can catalogue, store and display all of the notebooks consistently. The existing dimensions also allow the notebook to be easily returned using the pre-paid envelope supplied. We can not reimburse participants for additional postage.