Talk to the Bibliosquad to receive personalised recommendations based on your interests. Simply scroll down to choose your squad member and complete the form at the bottom of the page by giving us a few details about the books you like (and even hated). The more you tell us the better our suggestions will be.

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Dean is a book addict and vinyl enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for Australian literature and Australian history. He also enjoys classics, modern classics, short stories and music biographies.


Tim is a sometimes practicing artist, gardener and librarian. He usually reads zines, poetry, experimental non-fiction and literature.


Court enjoys pop psychology books, falling asleep during highbrow movies and listening to unlistenable music.


Luke is the bowerbird of library collections choosing the best of each format whether that be books, movies or music. Luke has a particular interest in fast-paced character driven movies and TV series, but can also be found shedding a tear or two while watching the latest romantic comedy.


Straight from primary school is our junior squad member Ruby. Ruby loves graphic novels, junior historical fiction and comedy DVDs. She insisted on being part of the squad believing it is important kids get recommendations from other kids.


Sometimes Yin reads, other times she is dabbling around with art and design. Any book on handicrafts or DIY projects will keep Yin interested. She enjoys books which tickle her green thumb, as well as those about health and education.


Personalised Recommendation

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