The Ditch by Herman Koch (Author of ‘The Dinner’)

Herman Koch is a television producer and writer. His book ‘The Dinner’, published in 2009, was his breakthrough in the Netherlands. It was published in 17 countries.

I found ‘The Ditch’ to be just as riveting as ‘The Diner’ and in typical Koch style the ending left me with so many unanswered questions.

In this novel, the protagonist Robert Walter, popular mayor of Amsterdam, suspects his wife is cheating on him. Then Robert’s elderly parents tell him that they’re planning to end their lives.

Alarmed, Robert starts to doubt himself and everyone around him, lost in increasingly panicked and paranoid trains of thought. But is it paranoia? Or is he actually seeing things clearly for the very first time?

‘The Ditch’ shows how quickly even the most stable lives can be sabotaged by secrecy and suspicion—and humans’ masochistic urge to undermine ourselves.