Holiday Crafts #2

Make a map, online craft.

To create your own map, use either the template available or make your own. Use the video via Facebook to help you create your map.

All maps use a ‘key’. A key is a symbol that represents an object or thing on the map. Before you start drawing your map, have a think about what your island or country could look like.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do people live here?

Are there any dangerous creatures?

Are there rivers and lakes? Or is it dry and desert like?

Are there roads? Or just dirt paths, mountains? Snow? Swamps?

If you can’t think of any ideas, maybe base the map off your favourite book.

Some great books that use maps are the Harry Potter series, the Rowan of Rin series and the Rainbow Magic series. All these books use maps as a tool to help you understand the story.

Once you have decided what your map will look like, it’s time to start drawing!

Remember to include your key in the bottom left hand corner of the page as well as a North, East, South and West compass on the right hand side of the page, just like the example.

Now to draw your island or country. A big squiggly circle or maybe a group of islands is an easy way to start. Think about where a river may start or end, and how people will be able to get over it. Do they use boats? A bridge? And remember to include that in the key for your map.

Get as creative as you like.

If you want to create an aged look to your map, ask a grown up for a tea bag that has been soaked in warm water and use it to dis-colour the paper you use for your map. Wait ‘til it dries before you start drawing!