Little Bang Discovery Club

Session 4 Science Fair

In this session we learn how to set up Disappearing Pencil, Magnifying, Kissing Balloons and Raw or Boiled?

Visit our Facebook page on Wednesday 23 September to view the session 4 instructional video !

You will need:

  • 1× Glass (made of glass) half-filled with water, newspaper or magazine picture
  • 2× inflated balloons and 2× 30 cm lengths of string
  • 1× boiled and 1× raw egg (with the children not knowing which is which), bowl, cup of tap
  • water, spoon, (newspaper, towel)

We hope you enjoyed Little Bang on demand! If you missed these sessions please follow our Facebook page to keep updated on when it will be back. If you would like to provide some feedback or ask any questions please email Julie from our Children and Youth Services Team at