Little Bang Discovery Club

Session 3 Experimenting

We learn how to set up Joys of Attraction, Musical Coat Hanger, Sink and Float and Sink and Salt.

Visit our Facebook page on Wednesday 9 December to view the session 3 instructional video !

You will need:

  • To make an inclined slope: 1× tray or lid of a large box or piece of cardboard or a small white board with one end resting on a box or something similar.
  • Two or more small wheeled toys e.g. cars
  • Magnet or fridge magnet from your Discovery Box
  • Metal coat hanger and 2 pieces of string approx 45 cm long. Pencil, pen or teaspoon
  • 3 strips of Blu tack or plasticine, 3 cups with tap water, spoon, (newspaper, towel)
  • 1× hard-boiled egg or a grape, 1× plastic bowl, 1× spoon, 2× cups with tap water (you can use the cups in your Discovery Box) and ¼ cup salt (newspaper, towel)