In the mood for something spooky?

Recently, I have been reading everything Shirley Jackson. A few years ago I read the Sundial, a brilliant, twisted, family mystery and enough to get me hooked on Jackson’s work. A few months ago, I finished The Haunting of Hill House which was the inspiration for the Netflix series by the same name. This was a spine-tingler and includes some great rivalry between the main characters. I followed this up with the Bird’s Nest – psychological fiction at its best, this story delves into the darkest places of the human mind. Hopefully the Netflix series (I’ve yet to watch it) leads more people to discover Shirley Jackson’s work – I’m a huge fan and I’ll tell anyone willing to listen! Right now I’m reading Hangsaman – I’m only a few pages in but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. She has two more published novels, 6 in total, and they are definitely on my reading bucket list!