Not just a chick flick

Clueless – just a chick flick? As if! Cher is sassy, bubbly, entitled and as it turns out Emma Woodhouse!

I loved this movie when I watched it in 1995 at age 12 without having any idea that it was an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. 

When we studied transformations in year 12, I was able to appreciate this movie on so many more levels.

It is a very clever adaptation of a classic and watching it again as an adult you can really appreciate Amy Heckerling’s gentle satire that takes the mickey out of both teen flicks and the Beverly Hills elite.

In case, like me, you missed it the first time here are some of the parallels –

Cher is perpetually single matchmaker Emma Woodhouse.

Tai is the shy and socially awkward Harriet Smith.

Christian, while flirting shamelessly with Cher is unavailable to her because he is gay as Frank Churchill was unavailable to Emma due to a secret engagement – he didn’t mind flirting with Emma either.

Last but not least arrogant Elton is none other than Mr Elton. Both men are not interested in attempts by Cher and Emma to matchmake them with Tai and Harriet -instead they both mistakenly think that Cher and Emma are interested in them.

This movie is definitely worth a re-watch – guaranteed you’ll have fun! As for the book, well how can you go wrong with a Jane Austen?!