Little Bang Discovery Club

Session 3 Experimenting

We learn how to set up Joys of Attraction, Musical Coat Hanger, Sink and Float and Sink and Salt.

Visit our Facebook page on Wednesday 16 September to view the session 3 instructional video !

You will need:

  • To make an inclined slope: 1× tray or lid of a large box or piece of cardboard or a small white board with one end resting on a box or something similar.
  • Two or more small wheeled toys e.g. cars
  • Magnet or fridge magnet from your Discovery Box
  • Metal coat hanger and 2 pieces of string approx 45 cm long. Pencil, pen or teaspoon
  • 3 strips of Blu tack or plasticine, 3 cups with tap water, spoon, (newspaper, towel)
  • 1× hard-boiled egg or a grape, 1× plastic bowl, 1× spoon, 2× cups with tap water (you can use the cups in your Discovery Box) and ¼ cup salt (newspaper, towel)