3 x 3: Sandie Docker

3 x 3 is a semi-regular column where we ask bookish people to share what is on their bookshelf.

What are three of your all time favourite books?

Picking three is insanely hard, but I’ll give it a go…The red tent – Anita Diamant takes an unknown figure from a well-known part of ‘history’ and weaves together the most vivid and beguiling tale I’ve ever read. Me before you – Jojo Moyes’s heart-wrenching story of an impossible choice with characters that are warm and so ‘human’.
I cried like a baby with this one. And cried again in the movie, even though I knew how it ended. Anne of Green Gables – Gilbert, Anne, Marilla, Mathew, the depths of despair, carrots, the white way of delight, L.M Montgomery’s classic is an all-time fave.

And three books you’ve enjoyed recently?

Jane in love – A debut by Rachel Givney where Jane Austen is magically transported to modern times to find love, but at the cost of her writing career – which will she choose? I love J.A, and anything to do with her, so loved this. The switch – 29 year old Leena (London) swaps places with her 79 year-old grandmother Eileen (tiny country village), when their lives need a shake-up. A warm and funny and endearing tale by Beth O’Leary. I want to be Eileen when I grow up! The end of Cuthbert Close – Cassie Hamer weaves witty humour into a tale of warring neighbours in Australian suburbia, with characters you can relate to, with a wonderful look at motherhood and the power of female friendship.

What are you looking forward to reading?

The daughter of Victory Lights – I’ve just started Kerri Turner’s newest historical and I think it’s going to be a cracker. An enthralling story of one woman’s determined grab for freedom after WW2 set against a backdrop of burlesque. The secret life of Shirley Sullivan – what won’t be to love about Lisa Ireland’s story of a woman breaking her husband out of his nursing home to try and right the wrongs of the past? The love that remains – a memoir by Susan Francis about secrets, love and loss. I’ve not read a memoir before, but this is right up my alley.

Sandie Docker

Sandie Docker grew up in Coffs Harbour, and first fell in love with reading when her father introduced her to fantasy books as a teenager. Her love of fiction began when she first read Jane Austen for the HSC, but it wasn’t until she was taking a translation course at university that her Mandarin lecturer suggested she might have a knack for writing – a seed of an idea that sat quietly in the back of her mind while she lived overseas and travelled the world.

Sandie first decided to put pen to paper (yes, she writes everything the old-fashioned way before hitting a keyboard) when living in London. Now back in Sydney with her husband and daughter, she writes every day.

Sandie is the author of three novels including The Kookaburra Creek CafeThe cottage at Rosella Cove. Sandie’s latest book, The Banksia Bay Beach Shack, was published in March, 2020.

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